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Switch Out Highlights

Tabby and Holly are self-proclaimed “product junkies,” which is why they love trying out new plant-based, cruelty-free, and eco-friendly products at every opportunity they get. Each of the products listed below has been discussed on an episode during the Switch-Out segment. These are the show host’s personal referral links.

Misfits Market

Misfits Market makes it easy to live a plant-based lifestyle on a budget.

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Who Gives a Crap

This is a durable, high quality, treeless toilet paper option. The packaging can be re-used for gift wrapping paper! I like knowing that 50% of the price I pay is helping WGC to fund several sanitation projects in developing nations.

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These cleaning products come in glass bottles and refills arrive in paper cartons. Keep your order cruelty-free by skipping the wool dryer balls.

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Mental health is the best thing to invest in these days. Use this pass to enjoy 30 days FREE. Take a moment, take a breath, reconnect and ground yourself.


Holly loves her dropps subscription. Try these laundry detergent in convenient waste-free pods.

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The ONLY way to buy clothes. We talk a lot about fast fashion on the show, and how to reduce your textile waste. THREDUP makes it possible to buy gently used consignment items. Give clothing a second life, save money, and keep those textiles out of the landfill.

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Save on plant-based milks, meats, and other vegan products. You’ll receive cash back, no strings attached. Tabitha saves on average $20-$25 a month by using this app.

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