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Many people who are beginning to abide by a plant-based lifestyle find themselves overwhelmed by mystery ingredients, new grocery items, price tags, and product labels. Luck you, you’ve stumbled across Plant-Based Nation. As our supporters know, we are here to support you on your plant-based journey. While I (Tabby) personally hope the entire planet *turns vegan* overnight, I know that goal isn’t exactly realistic. Instead, Holly (my Co-Host) and I want to meet you where you are in your journey. We want to provide you with the tools and information you need to become an informed consumer. Whats-more, we want to encourage you to make healthier decisions as you become a more mindful consumer.

Plant-based living isn’t a diet, it’s a lifestyle. Plant-based living teaches us to consider the full consequences of our actions as consumers; we learn to practice mindfulness and we learn to empathize with other members of the global community.

Most people in “developed” nations have the ability to make healthier choices, but they simply do not realize how accessible this lifestyle actually is. Most people have the ability to thrive as a plant-based consumer (or, “veg-head” as we lovingly call our podcast fans). We recognize that a person’s commitment to a plant-based lifestyle may be restricted by their socioeconomic status or geography. Whatever your life-circumstances, we want to offer you support on your journey. Do you have a hurtle preventing you from committing to plant-based living 100%? Contact us and we will explore this issue on our show.

To get you started on your journey and to help resolve some of the confusion over how to “do this right” we have put together a list of helpful vegan-friendly apps.

Dr. Greger’s Daily Dozen App :

Michael Greger, MD, FACLM, director of Public Health and Animal Agriculture to Humane Society International, the powerhouse behind, and author of How Not to Die has created an app to make it easier for any plant-based consumer to ensure that they’re enjoying a nutritionally dense, plentiful, plant-based diet.

The Daily Dozen app provides the user with a list of items to consume on a daily basis. The app is free to download and easy to use. At first glance, this app may appear restrictive in nature given that it only lists 100% whole food plant-based items. You’ll soon discover that these food items, consumed daily, are more than filling. The app includes reminders to take your B12 and Vitamin D supplement; these are nutrients that many people are deficient in (regardless of whether they consume primarily plant or animal protein).

iPhone and Android compatible

Is it vegan?

Use your mobile device to scan the barcode of any item in-hand. This app will tell you whether or not the item you’re scanning is 100% vegan. This means that the animal does not contain animal-based ingredients. Animal-based ingredients include: fish, shellfish, poultry, meat, animal-based fats, marrow or animal bone, insects, eggs, dairy, and honey. Some items will register as “not sure.”

iPhone and Android compatible

Happy Cow

This app is provided by, a website that tells users what eatery’s provide vegan and vegetarian-fare. You search for a resteraunt by zipcode and you can then filter your search results according to different kinds of food (American, Italian, Mexican, etc.), according to budget ($, $$, $$$) by the kinds of options they provide (vegan, vegetarian, veg-options, and/or by the kind of store (cafe, sit-down, fast food, etc.) you’re seeking. The database is only as strong as it’s usership. If you discover an eatery that you think should be included on this website (and app) you can submit a suggestion for review.

iPhone and Android compatible

In closing…

We hope that these apps support you in your first steps on your plant-based journey. If you discover an app that you think we should include on on this website, please reach out to us via email. We would love to hear from you.

Thank you for your support!

-Tabby and Holly
Hosts of the Plant-Based Nation podcast

Published by Tabby

I am an artist, a vegan, an equestrian and an avid book lover.

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