Ep.04 Buy Less, Use Less, Waste Less

Tabby announces a few housekeeping items today, including the slight adjustment to the PBNpod show format. Going forward, Tabby and Holly will discuss one headline or research article per episode and they will take turns leading these discussions on every episode. The goal is to keep the show to about 45 minutes, which is a little tough to do if they are to devote enough discussion time per News-Grab item in every episode.

To start off the new show format, Holly will lead the discussion in episode 04. As a professional organizer, Holly is especially interested in reducing consumer waste in the home. Holly and Tabby engage in a lively conversation about the nature of second-hand consumerism, the true life of textiles, and why it’s important to “buy less, use less, waste less.”

News Grab @ TBposted Switch Out @ TBposted

Tabby will lead the next episode as the hosts discuss a newly drafted bill, which if passed into law, could have dire consequences for the plant-based milk industry.

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Photo by Waldemar Brandt on Unsplash

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