Minisode 1 Sanctuary Spotlight

Sanctuary Spotlight is Plant-Based Nation’s minisode series. Today, we highlight the work of an awesome farm sanctuary in Texas and a program that supports cattle ranchers as they leave the animal agricultural world to pursue plant-based friendly farming. Don’t forget to like, rate, and subscribe to the show!

Rowdy Girl Sanctuary has a fabulous origin story. A rancher’s wife turns vegan, names her husband’s cows, and decides she no longer wants to be a part of a system that supports separating mothers from their children. In just four months, this spunky sanctuary founder is able to crowd source enough money ($36,000) to buy her husbands cows.

For the full backstory about how Rowdy Girl came to be, watch this interview with sanctuary founder Renee King-Sonnen herself.

Renee also offers support to ranchers interested in transitioning to a more plant-based business model through her work with the Rancher Advocacy Program.

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