About the Book Club

**will resume this program in January**

The Plant-Based Nation Book Club was established in the summer of 2019 after club founder, Tabitha H., presented at a vegan outreach event in Allentown, New Jersey. The event was a vegan barbecue, open to new vegans and veg-curious folks in the community. Tabitha observed that there was a need for more veg-curious friendly events for new vegans or for carnist individuals looking to learn more about the vegan and plant-based lifestyle.

This book club is open to all readers who share an interest in the following topics: veganism, plant-based living, health, wellness, activism, animal welfare, social psychology, environmental concerns, climate change, family living, animal guardianship, etc.

How does it work?

1. Read the assigned book. You have six weeks to read it before the meeting.

2. Meetings are held every other month, beginning in September. All meetings and discussion threads are held online.

3. Discuss, connect, and share your experiences with the rest of the Plant-Based Nation community!

Current Book Club Read

Living the Farm Sanctuary Life: How to Eat Healthier, Live Longer, and Feel Better Every Day by Bringing Home the Happiest Place on Earth

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