7 Easy Ways to Be an Animal Guardian

Language: be mindful of the language you use in conversation. Plant-Based Nation is intended for the veg-curious and transitioning plant-based guru. In our episode, we stuck with the term “pet” because it is a term that is widely recognized by both the plant-based community and carnist community. However, you can certainly use the term “companion”Continue reading “7 Easy Ways to Be an Animal Guardian”

Emails are now working

Hello followers! Tabby here- I discovered this morning that our email forwarding service wasn’t fully established for one of our emails… Success, they are both in working order! Send us your show suggestions, book recommendations, and marketing pitches to the following addresses: content@plantbasednationpod.commarketing@plantbasednationpod.com

014 Animal Guardianship: Tips, Tricks, and Our Perspectives

https://www.podbean.com/media/share/pb-em7hj-fe82c9 In this episode, Holly and Tabby talk about the history of animal domestication and offer loads of tips and tricks to become a better “animal guardian” to ALL animals. The ladies take a deep dive into Do Unto Animals (Stewart, 2015) and discuss several other resources to help guide you on your path towardsContinue reading “014 Animal Guardianship: Tips, Tricks, and Our Perspectives”