PBN Affiliates!

Holy crow, a lot has happened since our last monthly update! Holly and I (Tabby) have been working hard these last couple of weeks to prepare for our upcoming launch on November 24th. We plan to drop three episodes on launch day and we’ll be hosting a launch day giveaway across our social media. We’ve joined two affiliate marketing programs whose products, we believe, support PBN values. These affiliate programs will provide listeners with an opportunity to support the show.

1. Force of Nature: Holly will discuss this product in detail on Episode 2 of Plant-Based Nation. PBN will receive $20 for every starter kit sold via the PBN referral link. If you’re into saving money, reducing your plastic consumption, and using an all-purpose, cruelty-free, cleaner that will replace most of your other cleaning products, then Force of Nature is for you!

2. Kinder Beauty Box: I am SO EXCITED about this product, founded by actress Daniella Monet and actress Evanna Lynch (AKA: Harry Potter’s Luna Lovegood). The Kinder Beauty Box is a subscription service that will provide clients with $75-$165 worth of 100% cruelty-free & vegan cosmetic products. PBN will receive $3 for every sale made through our referral link.

For referral links and money-saving promo codes, please visit our “Support PBN” page (see number 4: Shop our affiliates). This page lists 6 ways that you can support the show and help us cover PBN maintenance fess.

Stay tuned for more updates to the website and be sure to follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram!


Sponsors and Affiliates

In just a couple of weeks we’ve managed to generate nearly 200 followers, this is more than amazing! We are currently recording the first batch of episodes, which we will upload on our official launch day- November 24th. We are adding more content to our website every day, so be sure to check back frequently.

As you know, there are many costs associated with running a podcast. Our main priority is to generate enough funds to cover the maintenance fees needed to “keep our lights on.” We plan to have our patreon account up and running by launch day, we will be adding more merchandise to our online store in the coming days, and we are currently on the look-out for sponsorship or affiliate program opportunities.

We recently secured THREE (you read that right) donations from several amazing companies who believe in the work we’re doing.

  • Blue Fox Botanicals, a new business that makes plant-based, vegan, cruelty-free balms, massage oils, lotions and wound salves.
  • Grove Collaborative, a company that sells vegan and cruelty-free cleaning essentials, among other items.
  • Force of Nature, a company that sells eco-friendly cleaning solutions.

Holly and I are working out the details of our upcoming launch party giveaway. The rules to the giveaway contest will be posted on our website and all of our social media platforms. Make sure you follow us so you won’t miss the contest “go-time” announcement.

Thank you for your ongoing support as we continue to build the PBN podcast. If you haven’t already, please be sure to listen to our trailer which is available for download from Stitcher and Podbean (iTunes pending).

PBN Book Club Read – October/November

Our PBN Bookclub has started reading the next book: Esther the Wonder Pig by Steve Jenkins. Esther is a world-famous house pig, weighing in at over 600lbs. She is a breast cancer survivor, a social media star, and the princess of her very own farm sanctuary. This book tells the story about a wee little piggy who wormed her way into the hearts of her would-be dads. Jenkins uses this book as an opportunity to inform readers about the frequent misconceptions of piggy-parenthood through Esther’s story. The discussion thread for this book will be posted on November 10, 2019 at noon Eastern Time.