7 Easy Ways to Be an Animal Guardian

Language: be mindful of the language you use in conversation. Plant-Based Nation is intended for the veg-curious and transitioning plant-based guru. In our episode, we stuck with the term “pet” because it is a term that is widely recognized by both the plant-based community and carnist community. However, you can certainly use the term “companion”Continue reading “7 Easy Ways to Be an Animal Guardian”

014 Animal Guardianship: Tips, Tricks, and Our Perspectives

https://www.podbean.com/media/share/pb-em7hj-fe82c9 In this episode, Holly and Tabby talk about the history of animal domestication and offer loads of tips and tricks to become a better “animal guardian” to ALL animals. The ladies take a deep dive into Do Unto Animals (Stewart, 2015) and discuss several other resources to help guide you on your path towardsContinue reading “014 Animal Guardianship: Tips, Tricks, and Our Perspectives”

Ep.08 Plant-Based Pet Food, what’s this about?

The ethics of feeding mainstream vs alternative foods to our beloved cats and dogs remains an ongoing debate within the plant-based community. Tabby introduces several points made by experts in animal welfare and veterinary medicine.